ETI d.d. has been producing and developing ceramic materials for more than half a century. Our current production capacities are between 5000 and 6000 tons a year. We manufacture a wide palette of various materials, among them also highly-specialized ceramic materials with excellent mechanical, electrical and thermical properties. As for the quantities, we are at our strongest in the production of porcelain, steatite and cordierite, but we also produce special materials, such as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, quartz and fireproof materials.


The porcelain is suitable for electrotechnical purposes. It is a natural silicate material, with a high dielectrical and mechanical strength, corrosion, ageing and chemical resistance, good insulating properties, and high temperature resistance. We manufacture alumina and quartz porcelain. The porcelain is convenient for casting, extruding and wet pressing.


The steatite is an excellent insulation material. By its structure steatite is magnesium silicate, distinguished by the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, high dielectrical and mechanical strength. We produce nonalkaline steatite, which is convenient for the process of dry pressing and extruding.


The cordierite is suitable to be used in thermal industry, where it comes to high and sudden temperature changes. The material cordierite is magnesium aluminium silicate with a high linear thermal expansion coefficient, and high resistance against temperature changes. The cordierite can be shaped by the procedures of casting, extruding and wet and dry pressing.

  • Open porosity (Vol. %), max
  • Volume density (mg/m3), min
  • Blending strength, nonglazed (MPa), min
  • Blending strength, glazed (MPa), min
  • Thermal expansion coefficient 30-600 0C (10-6 K-1)
  • Thermal conductivity 300 - 1000C (W/mK)
  • Resistance to temperature changes T (0C), min
  • Dielectric loss factor at 200C, 48-60Hz (10-3), max
  • Relative dielectricity 48 Hz - 62 Hz