Chemistry Products

Fillers for reaction columns

The fillers for reaction columns where, usually at higher temperatures, take their course reactions of absorption, desorption, extraction, and suchlike, are manufactured in standard forms (Raschig rings, Pall rings, Berl saddles) and dimensions, as well as on customers’ request.
The ceramic fillers are manufactured of chemically resistant quartz porcelain.


Tubes for immersion heaters

We manufacture of chemically resistant porcelain the glazed insulation tubes for protection of immersion heaters which are used in galvanizing baths.
As to shapes and dimensions, the tubes are adapted to individual requests of the customers. 


Grinding bodies and linings

The ceramic grinding bodies (balls, cylinders) are used in ceramic and chemical industries for the procedure of wet grinding in ball mills. Ceramic linings for mills, made of the same material as grinding bodies, are available, too.
We manufacture the grinding bodies and linings of steatite (volume density 2.8 g/cm3) in standard dimensions or on customers’ request. Our experts can help you when choosing the quantity and dimensions of grinding bodies.