Special Products

Special product of small-series production

We manufacture small-series ceramic products on special customers’ requests – to be used as prototypes, spare parts or new products in the phase of their launching on the market.


Insulating elements in welding and heat engineering

The bushings,guidesand small tubes for protection in welding engineering are made of porous cordierite, steatite or other material, depending on their purpose of use.


Products of highly exacting engineering ceramics

Wemanufacture of corundum ceramics, with high contents of Al2O3, small-series products resistant to wear and aggressive agents. We produce surface-treated ceramic sliding bodies, bushings, linings and insulating segments.  

For highly aggressive agents we supply sliding gaskets of SSiC, also in combination with graphite.


Ceramic furniture handles

In accordance with the plans and special customers’ requirements we also manufacture various handles, hafts, protective covers and insertions made of mechanically resistant, durable and aesthetically perfect ceramic materials.