Injection moulding of Ceramic Products

On the bases of low- and high-pressure injection moulding technology, we can manufacture products, too demanding for classic ceramic technology processes on account of their complex geometry or type of ceramic material. This technology enables us the production of ceramic prototypes and much flexibility at testing and development of better and more suitable ceramic materials, all with relatively inexpensive and simple tools. With our equipment for low- and high-pressure injection moulding, we can manufacture smaller/ prototype series or larger series of ceramic products.

Ceramic Materials, used for Injection-moulded Ceramic Products

  • Steatite: low-alkaline zircona steatite C 221, brown-coloured steatite C 221
  • Materials with high contents of Al2O3: C 610 (60% Al2O3), C 795 (96% Al2O3 - white, 95% Al2O3 with added Cr2O3 - red), C 799 (99,7% Al2O3)

Ceramic Products' tolerance

With our technology of injection moulding, we ensure dimensional deviation within medium tolerance according to DIN 40 680. On special customers' request however, we can also manufacture products with a lesser tolerance.