Fuse bases - extruded

Bases of VV fuses - extruded

We have long-standing experience and high-quality technological equipment for the manufacturing of ceramic tubes and supports for VV fuses. We co-operate with our customers in developing new, technically and technologically demanding tubes and fuse supports.   

We manufacture insulation tubes and supports for VV fuses by means of extrusion procedure. We have at our disposal purpose-designed technological equipment, allowing us to fulfil individual customers' needs with regard to specific requirements as to dimensions and surface processing after burning (grinding of installation surfaces, making of grooves).   

We make tubes of high-quality alumina porcelain C120. The supports are extruded from alumina porcelain C120, nonporous cordierite C410, and from the porous cordierite C520.  

The tube surfaces are glazed in white or brown (RAL 8011, 8016 ali 8017).

We ensure dimensional deviation within the medium tolerances according to   DIN 40680.


Bases of NV fuses - extruded

We manufacture extruded bases of NV fuses, that meet, as to dimensions, shape, and special technological requirements,individual customer's demands.  

The surface of the bases can be glazed or nonglazed. 

The bases are made from material C610 (60 % Al2O3), and from nonalkali steatite C221.


Bases of cylindrical (CH) fuses

We manufacture the bases of cylindrical fuses according to dimension and tolerance requirements of customers. 

The bases of cylindrical fuses are extruded from material C410 or other silicate materials.