Porcelain Products

Bases of D and D0 programme

We have many years' experience and special equipment for large-series production of all ceramic elements in D and D0 fuse systems. 

The bases of fuses, socles and caps, as well as other insulation segments are manufactured of quartz porcelain C111 in narrow dimensional deviations, allowing an automated assembly of D and D0 fuse systems. 


Ceramic lamp sockets for lighting engineering

We have at our disposal purpose-oriented production equipment and many years' experience in manufacturing various types of ceramic lamp socket and holders, such as:  

  • ceramic lamp sockets E 14
  • ceramic lamp sockets E 27
  • ceramic rosettes for lighting with the lamp socket E 27
  • ceramic lamp sockets E 40
  • ceramic lamp sockets for fitting into household electric ovens.       

The bases of ceramic lamp sockets are manufactured using the procedure of wet pressing of the quartz porcelain C111.  The bases meet the dimensional and tolerance plans of the customer.  

Also, we manufacture completed lamp sockets E-14 in E-27 in our own design or upon special customer's request.


Ceramic clips for installation engineering

We manufacture ceramic clips in accordance with dimensional and tolerance requirements of customers, made of quartz porcelain C111.
The surfaces of clips can be glazed in white, in accordance with customers' requests.