Fireproof products for metallurgy

CS pots

We manufacture small fireproof pots, used in analyzers, precisely measuring the contents of carbon and sulphur in various materials, of ceramic material, containing  80% of SiO2.


Mullite sieves

The ceramic sieves are used for removing larger impurities in melted materials at the temperatures up to 1700O C. Their forms and dimensions meet the customers' requirements. We can achieve medium tolerances according to  DIN  40680.


Foamed ceramic filters

The foamed ceramic filters are manufactured on the basis of SiC. They are used in metallurgy for removing nonmetallic inclusions, which are the most frequent cause of faults on castings. The characteristic meshed structure provides a large specific surface and high open porosity, allowing high filtering effect. The melted metal, when passing through the filter, flows in a characteristic meandering pattern, enabling excellent filling of moulds, and elimination of even the smallest inclusions that are absorbed by the inner surface of ceramic pores.     

Temperature tests with melt:   T = 1420 ¦ 1450oC       min. 45s
                                             T = 1450 ¦ 1500oC       min. 35s

Filters’ dimensions and throughput depend on the quantity of the filtered melt.   Standard shapes are square, rectangular and round, whereas their dimensions range from 40 mm to 100 mm, with heights of 15 mm and 22 mm. 


Type of melt Dimensions Throughput
Iron melt    75 x 75 x 22 * PPI10 ** rough
50 x 50 x 22 * PPI20 medium
On request PPI30 fine

*    dimensions and shapes are on customer’s request
** number of poers per inch (25,4 mm)

By using Al2O3 foam ceramic filters we can improve significantly the quality of aluminum casts.

By filtering molten metals we eliminate small oxide inclusions, and impurities from furnace, which cause cracks and gas holes on the surface of a product.

Foam ceramic filters are temperature resistant up to 1150oC and do not react with aggressive molten metals.

Flow of molten metal is determined by the size of pores and dimension of filters.

We regularly manufacture filters with porosity of  PPI10 to PPI40 and various dimensions and shapes, according to customer demands.